By Melissa Crockett Meske
Content Creator and Space Curator

For The Words...

Hello, and welcome to my virtual workspace…

I am Melissa Crockett Meske.
Professional content writer, editor, and space curator.
Freelance news and brand journalist.

Essentially, I connect audiences with cool ideas, powerful words, moving images, unique vignettes, and authentic memories in the making through my designs of words, ideas, visuals, and settings.

With extensive experience in journalism, business and marketing, brand-building, and nonprofit administration, my service offerings include the development of:

* News and feature stories/press releases
* Professional media kits
* Industry reviews and research summaries
* Custom newsletter, blog, and web content
* Grant funding and RFP response narratives
* Personal and organizational histories
* Various other types of marketing collateral development
* Creative literary pieces
* And still more...

I can help you put your words, ideas, images, and items together in a way to best craft your stories and memories, to outwardly display an even more authentic you, to help reach your vision and audience, and achieve your goals and objectives. Authentically, effectively, efficiently, and masterfully.

My specialized talents lie in taking what you already have and turning it into the best it can be. This is true whether it is your words, your images and designs, your belongings, or something more. I am equally talented and capable of incorporating a new vibe into your story and your messages.

Favorite areas of interest to explore:

*Businesses and nonprofits
*Community and regional developments
*Heritage tourism, and anything with a history
*Decor tips and trends
*Arts and culture

As a multilayered serial entrepreneur, I can also help you with a host of business development, organizational, and administrative support needs.

After regular business hours and on weekends upon request, I am also a current, active Notary Public Commission through the State of Illinois.

Additionally, I hold current and active memberships in the:

* RiverBend Growth Association
* St. Louis Writers Guild
* American Society of Business Publication Editors
* International Association of Professional Writers and Editors

I also actively support Poets & Writers, HRC, and the Illinois Raptor Center.

As a writer, author, and editor, I have crafted hundreds of stories and thousands of words. I have been successfully published in a wide variety of genres and markets for well over 25 years now. And I have captured and published more images than I can honestly remember.

My bylines appear in publications throughout the United States including the Illinois Business Journal, Great Rivers & Routes Tourism Bureau (Southwestern Illinois) seasonal tourism guides, various RiverBend Growth Association publications including their annual Currents magazine.

You'll also find it on news stories published in The Telegraph (Alton, IL), AdVantage News (now a part of BigZ Media, Alton, IL), Jersey County Journal, Greene Prairie Press, Calhoun News-Herald, the former Carrollton Gazette-Patriot, as well with a series of monthly newsletters distributed internationally by Wiley and Sons, Inc./Stevenson Publishing. I even applied my writing talents for a while to ads appearing in the former Jersey and Greene Shoppers.

Let's talk TODAY about what you need and how I can best help you. And be sure to come back often to keep up with all the latest...

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