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Hello! I’m Melissa (Crockett) Meske, and I have written hundreds of stories and thousands of words. My work includes not only creative literary pieces, but personal histories, success and news stories, press releases and media kits, research summaries, a diverse catalog of newsletter and web content, marketing and fundraising communications, and even more.

I have been writing successfully published pieces rooted in a wide variety of genres and markets, as well as successfully funded proposals, for well over 25 years. If you’re looking for a professional author and writer that can take your messages, your stories, and write them in a way that appeals to a wide variety of audiences and readers, then I’m your go-to gal.

Your words, refined. That’s what it’s all about. If you have a story or message that you need to share with your audience — whether that’s your family, your community, or the world — contact me today to find out the best way to shape what it is you have to say.

Writing that is professional, captivating, on point, on time and within budget is what I can deliver. I am also an experienced editor, with references from a number of publication sources as well as editing 6 books currently available for purchase through Amazon.

Services are available virtually anywhere in the United States. Writing samples and a list of references are available upon request.

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