My Vision and Mission 

Over the past 7 years, the vision behind my ongoing creative entrepreneurial efforts known these days as Melissa Meske Publications has been in constant evolution, mostly in step with what life has also thrown my way from moment to moment. 

Realizing this, I decided to sit down and detail insights toward a clearer vision for Melissa Meske Publications, starting in 2020 and extending forward. Reviewing and refining this vision in Sept. 2021, I  share it with you again now, exposing its passionate core and a fully focused framework to support my overall mission.

Words have power, and our authentic messages have many ways to be expressed. Refining how we piece them together verbally and visually, our outward design, how we use them, how we present them, and the impact their use may have can only lead to a more cohesive, tolerant, and harmonious community overall.

At its core, Melissa Meske Publications is “For The Words.” It exists to spark communications, dialogues, creative collaborations, ideas, designs, and action. It further exists to help each one of us become more comfortable with our authentic selves.

It grows and thrives by exploring these exchanges of words, dialogues, conversations, stories, settings, vignettes, environments, surroundings, and all of these interacting – how to take what it is we know, what we have, and what we want or need, and to share it with hopes to make "it" the best of it all.

The motivation is this: A challenge to each of us to become comfortable enough with our own words, stories, and identities to communicate an effective understanding of them within our own drum circle and yet beyond. In essence, the motivation is a challenge to each of us to become comfortable within our own authentic selves.

It is further motivated to achieve acceptance – either in the embracing of each other’s messages and choices or with an agreement to respect each other despite a disagreement with each other’s messages or choices.

My vision is to provide a central hub that would harness the power behind these motivators. This central hub would provide a foundation for developing, promoting, and facilitating open dialogues and creatively designed, out of the box narratives:

• For the community:
         - A retail space that hosts written works and relevant design items to visitors, further ensuring a cultural exchange and a continued creative legacy. A uniquely community-driven creative word-and-design based place, yet so much more.
         - A venue for community discourse and exploration, invoking the formidable power behind words and word choices, light and color, sense-provoking designs, interpretations, and models, authentic messages, parables, and histories.
         - A visible and viable ally in growing, sustaining, and promoting community-based creative, cultural, and literacy programming and activities.

• For writers, authors, and other creatives:
        - A workspace, brainstorming, networking, outreach, and publishing assistance source.
        - A gallery space for sharing completed works; open space for collaborating, for sharing works in progress.
        - Coordinated and facilitated opportunities to reach audiences. 

• For the economy:
         - A service provider: Uniquely creative support services for small and home-based businesses, mom-and-pop shops, solopreneurs, nonprofit and community-based organizations, municipalities, townships, and individuals.
         - An added co-working and meeting space: An expansion of gathering, virtual and work-from-home experiences to help meet current and future demands in the workplace and in the community. A business incubator that is not limited to business, but is open to all levels of aspiring "entrepreneurship."
         - An event and retail host site, offering opportunities that are attractive to a diverse creative market mix.

The next steps include location, funding, clients, customers, service providers, and benefactors. If you are interested in being a part of this vision in any form, or in supporting its advancement, click the blue button below and let me know.

Thank you for taking the time to review my vision and mission, and for considering how you might take part in its success.

– Melissa Crockett Meske