Prologue: Creativity
Melissa Crockett Meske

"As a writer, my words come into reality once they hit the paper. Before that moment, they are constantly whirling inside my mind like snow inside a water globe—real and existent, but floating and falling until I stir them up with my pen in my hand.

I’ve been told many times that I have an easy-to-follow, conversational style to my writing. I can agree with that analysis, since I see what I am doing with words more as a one-on-one dialogue between me and a friend, for a moment or for a lifetime. There are some critics who have been displeased with my writing style, declaring it too informal and seemingly untrained. I just interpret that to mean it’s not all fluffy, frou-frou, and pretentious. And that’s good, because neither am I.

I’ve been writing ever since I could. And reading. I’ve had an ongoing love affair with the public library since before I knew I could; that place saved my life on more than one occasion. Through books, music, poetry, movies, newspapers, magazines, photography and typography, I have come to terms with just how incredibly powerful words can be. Much more than sticks and stones...

I am an expert communicator, message maker and storyteller. An author. A writer. I have had many occasions and opportunities to write for others, which has supported me and my family, my other creative pursuits, as well as my need for good meals and better beverages from time to time. 
 More creatively, I have penned poetry, lyrics, short stories and essays, and I’m working on my first full-length fiction and nonfiction books.

Occasionally you can also find me behind the lens of my cellphone or digital camera, capturing the essence of a scenic view or an architecturally stunning structure. 
I also express through creative design, particularly in the realm of decor exploration. I am a serious enthusiast of home décor, flea market finds, furniture flipping, camping and glamping.

My creative inspirations always come from life and love -- the beauty of whatever surrounds me.

Through the creative power of words and design, I have been able to move through much pain and hurt, coming into my own as the strong, happy and resolute woman that I am today. I have also discovered my authentic self and can now share her with my husband, my children, family and friends, colleagues and mentors -- with all those who form my own drum circle.

Framing a moment within the lines of a font, an arrangement in a corner spot, or through the pixels of an image empowers all of us to share in that moment, in that dialogue, and in that memory every time we choose. Now and forever.

United in conversation, these words, vignettes, and images become much more powerful, and so do we."