Gallery of Works

Previously published pieces of Melissa Crockett Meske

Samples from the commercial works, literary art and photography pieces can be seen here from those that have been published, displayed, and in some cases purchased, through various publications and locations within the St. Louis, MO and Washington, DC metro regions. One photography piece even traveled down the Mississippi River before it made its way to its final destination as a part of an exhibition at the United States Capitol in DC.

As a seasoned and award-winning writer, editor, journalist, public relations professional, college adjunct faculty member, and as a marketing consultant and business coach, I have been afforded many opportunities over the past 2 1/2 decades to interpret messages and share others' stories both visually and literally. Additionally, as an emerging literary and visual artist, I have had already been afforded multiple opportunities to express my own creative thoughts through words of poetry and prose, inspired by scenes and structures such as those I have captured from behind the lens of my digital camera or smartphone.

Article Written by Melissa Crockett Meske for Jerseyville Economic Development Council/Partners in Progress and Published by Illinois Business Journal

Article Written by Melissa Crockett Meske for City of Jerseyville, Illinois and Published by Jersey County Journal

Article Written by Melissa Crockett Meske and Published by the RiverBend Growth Association

Advertising Copy Written by Melissa Crockett Meske for Generation Trucking, Inc.

Ad-Flyer Created by Melissa Crockett Meske for KM Wood Designs and Published on Multiple Online Platforms

Book Series Edited by Melissa Crockett Meske for West Virginia-Based Author George Kidwiler, Jr.

Self-Published Poetry Anthology, Available for Purchase through

Photo and Poetry by Melissa Crockett Meske

Photo and Poetry by Melissa Crockett Meske

Photo by Melissa Crockett Meske; Displayed and Purchased through Jacoby Arts Center Gallery, Alton, Illinois

Photo by Melissa Crockett Meske;  Displayed and Purchased through Jacoby Arts Center Gallery, Alton, Illinois

Photo by Melissa Crockett Meske; Displayed at Multiple Sites Along Mississippi River and in U.S. Capitol Rotunda, Washington, DC


Here's what others have said about working with Melissa Meske...

My work with them resulted in many rewarding experiences, personally and professionally, creatively and commercially, through collaborative efforts over many years...

I first met Melissa Meske during my tenure as a local school district administrator. Her youngest was a student in the district at that time.

I watched her demonstrate a deep-seeded commitment as a single parent to raise her child against the common stereotypes that often come with being a single mom.

We crossed paths again a few years later in our community leader roles – hers as the regional newspaper editor and mine as the school district superintendent.

Over the 10-plus years I have known Melissa, she has consistently shown unbridled professionalism, conscientious leadership, collegial respect, and a formidable work ethic.

Melissa has mastered the art of writing and editing, along with an acumen for bringing stories to life that readers want to, and are able to, read and understand. Her organizational, project management, and prioritization skills are equally impressive.

Anyone who reaches out to Melissa can count on her timeliness, approachability, educated insights, thoroughness, and dependability. Without hesitation, I can easily recommend Melissa Meske to anyone searching for a true professional.

Lori Franke-Hopkins, Ed.D.

Education and
Leadership Consultant

I've known Melissa Meske for decades in my roles as both newspaper supervisor and collaborator.

We worked closely on news and feature projects for The Telegraph daily paper in Alton, Ill., and for my monthly business publication, the Illinois Business Journal.

Along the way, she blossomed into a reporter, author, editor and manager.

She is a master wordsmith, but some of her greatest strengths are organizational ones. She is a stickler for deadlines, accuracy, grammar and facts.

Words and how they are written truly are important to her.

She never let me down and frequently impresses me with her abilities.

Most of all, I'm touched by her friendly personality. In a world where egos frequently clash, she is a true professional.

I am honored to say kind words on her behalf in return for the scores of times she came through for me.

Dennis Grubaugh

Illinois Business Journal

As a former partner in marketing for Grafton Technologies and as co-chairs for Marketing and Public Relations for the local American Cancer Society Relay For Life, my experience working with Melissa Meske has always been excellent.

She is thorough, professional, respectful of others ideas and most importantly (from an artist's perspective), creative.

Melissa has real vision for a project from start to finish and provides the leadership and expertise to see it through.

Personally, she combines the diverse qualities of laid-back approachability with an on-task, manager's sense.

She has many talents, and whatever capacity you are privileged to work with her, she is sure to bring out the talents of those around her with encouragement and energy.

I enjoyed working with Melissa.

Michael Davenport

Former Graphic Designer/
Owner of Mike Designs