Do you have a story to tell?

With a new approach and a new outlook, I’m ready to launch my rebranded virtual creative services firm and eager to start helping you tell your stories.

I will continue to offer professional writing and editing services as I have for 20-plus years now.

Focused on providing virtual services throughout the Midwest and the United States, I am also excited to offer an expanded role that encompasses communications coaching so that you can maximize your potential and refine your own skills. (In-person services are also available.)

My writing and editing services can include anything from writing articles, personal and business/community/organizational histories, emails, blog posts, newsletters, books, fliers, brochures, summaries, reports and other publication content, to course and presentation content as well as grant writing assistance.

Whatever tools you use to effectively convey your messages and stories to your audiences and market, to your community and to the world, I can help you use your words best.

These services are available to individuals, organizations, communities, authors, writers, editors, publishers, graphic and content design firms and the arts as well as to solopreneurs, small/SOHO businesses, other firms and to nonprofits. They’re available to anyone who has a story to tell or a message to convey.

Together, we can create the most interesting, informative and successful dialogues. We can change the narratives. Let’s talk soon…

I’ll also be sharing more stories of personal interest with you, my faithful followers and fans. These may come from my love of home decor and design, nature, architecture, photography, the arts, or from life experiences, everyday life and what’s happening. If you have a topic or subject you’d like me to delve into and feature here, just let me know. I’d love to research, learn more, and write all about it!

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